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Sunday - Thursday
11am to 9:30pm
Last Seating @ 8:30pm
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Friday - Saturday
11am to 11pm
Last Seating @ 9:45pm
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4494 Burlington Pike
(Rt. 130 NB)
Burlington Township, NJ 08016
(609) 387-3700

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Click on the links below to read all the good things that the reviewers have to say about this favorite Philadelphia hard shell crabs location and legendary South Jersey seafood eatery. They only have good things to say!
- Customer Policies - Customer Policies -


Reservations made after 4 pm for the same day are considered "Call Ahead" seating. We work hard to seat these ahead of "Walk Ins". Your whole Party must be present before we can seat you, and we can only hold tables for 15 minutes, unless you call to let us know you are running late. We are a small Restaurant and do our best to accomodate, but even with Reservations, there may still be a wait. [Remember, the size of the group warrants seating order] Stressing Norman does no good - only makes him Crabby! Don't worry, if you must wait, it will be worth it.


Our Wait Staff works hard and do this for their livelihood. They depend on tips for a large part of their pay. Therefore, on parties of 5 or more, we add a 20% gratuity. This covers time spent giving great service to your group. We make one check per table. [if asked prior, we can separate checks, but the gratuity is added to all checks.] Children take up a seat, and count as a person at the table.

Tipping and

s usually take time, making sure that you have had as much as you want, hense the name. Therefore, an 18% gratuity is added to the whole check for anyone with an AUCE at the table. The name , refers to the person ordering, so sharing your food is not allowed. Likewise, anything not eaten will not be allowed to go home with you, it must be consumed here. Please order your refills accordingly, as too much waste may cause a rise in the AUCE prices for the future. You help to control the cost.



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